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Become A Permanent Non-Smoker in 60 Minutes Guaranteed!

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Backed by a Guarantee! Our Proven system for quitting smoking hypnosis process combines the Power of hypnosis in conjunction with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Life coaching techniques to GUARANTEE 100 % success every time to help you achieve your goal of becoming a

We guarantee the process so that if you should start smoking again you can come back free of charge for life of the Guarantee (conditions apply see Guarantee Page) You receive additional valuable take home resources including a Quit Smoking Post Hypnosis recording which reinforces and embeds the permanent suggestion that “you are a permanent non smoker who breathes fresh air for the rest of your life”

The 4 Steps of Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy are as follows


We qualify that you want to QUIT. This is the key! YOU HAVE TO WANT TO QUIT!


We educate you so that you understand what is going to happen and what your part in the process is.


We look at why you want to quit smoking and the triggers that cause you to smoke. We then use these to build a process just for you.


We use hypnosis and NLP to change your habit of smoking to a habit of breathing fresh air.

Become a permanent non-smoker. It’s not just what you do, it’s who you are; it’s not just your behaviour, it’s your identity as well. Once change is internalised and integrated, all your positive choices and behaviours become automatic reflections and manifestations of who you are as a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER. You create a new self-image, a “new you” having all the attributes and benefits of being a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER. We will create a path between the current you and this new you. This image will be so inviting, so compelling and so magnetic. I will teach you and propel you down this path to become a PERMANENT NON-SMOKER, a “new you”, having all the attributes and benefits of being a permanent non-smoker.

Hypnotherapy Sessions Available Online or In Person (Located In Cairns, QLD Australia)

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Hi, I’m Cathy Barrow, Hypnotherapist

I am now offering live video hypnosis straight to your PC or Laptop wherever you are in the comfort of your own its very exciting and means I can serve many more people all over the world.
At Cathy Barrow Hypnosis we are about focus and commitment to providing an extensive list of hypnosis therapy services and coaching/counseling services designed to assist you with any problem you present with. We want you to experience the joy and power of hypnosis so you can move from being stuck, and be free of fear to achieving anything you want to.
To hear back from a client who has been a smoker for 30 years that they haven’t touched a cigarette or felt like one in over 6 months is inspiring. We still don’t really understand how hypnosis works on our subconscious, but what we do know is that we can interrupt the neural pathways with hypnosis via suggestion. We do know that someone can get over a phobia if they want to and if they are willing to accept hypnotic suggestions. It appears that when we are deeply relaxed and compliant we are more likely to accept the suggestions being given to us – you can imagine the brain is like a clean sponge ready to absorb new information and thoughts and new habits.

I heard about hypnosis and it fascinated me that someone could change a thought or a belief or a habit like smoking after experiencing a hypnosis session. I enrolled in the Certificate 1V In Clinical Hypnosis in 2014 and discovered what it was that stops most of us despite our best efforts to achieve the goal, stay on the diet, stop smoking or drinking. It was the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind the little voice in the head saying you might as well give up- you always do -the incessant unhelpful self – talk.

Cathy Barrow
Hypnotherapist/Quit Smoking Expert

The Process

A typical session will work like this:

  • You will call up the number at the bottom of this page and book your reservation.
  • You will show up for your session and fill out some paperwork.
  • You will meet with your quit cigarettes specialist and begin your session which will consist of:
    • Some background information about you and your habit
    • Talking with you about your specific reasons and excuses about why you are not quitting
    • Talking about the system and how it works
    • You will be taken through the QUIT Smoking system which will include:

Advanced hypnosis; NLP; reframing, anchoring and other coaching techniques.

  • Giving you support materials to help insure you remain a non-smoker for life.
  • You go home a non-smoker for life.
Virtual Hypnosis
Can’t get to my office for a Quit Smoking hypnosis session? Live in another state or country, a remote location? No problem. Now you can experience hypnosis or coaching remotely over the internet without leaving home. Cathy Barrow Hypnosis now offering virtual hypnosis and coaching sessions over the internet using Zoom technology.
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Our Exclusive Guarantee
We are so confident with our system when used Face to Face or on Skype that we back our process up with our EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEE.
This means that if you ever start smoking cigarettes again, we will do a follow up session at no charge to ensure that you are and remain a non-smoker for life, all you need to do is contact us within 7 days of smoking a cigarette.
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Your Investment
Your investment for your Quit Smoking session is tiny compared to what you are spending on cigarettes over a week, month or year. Your investment is about your future health and your family’s. Its about you using the money for anything you want – a house/ a car/ a holiday the kids.
I try and update and answer all questions from all over my clients. I hope that this answers some of your questions about Hypnosis. If you can't find the answers you are looking for please Email or Call Cathy on 0424 867 361
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Cathy was a smoker for 14 years and understands how difficult it can be to quit! She can relate totally to the triggers that cause you to smoke and its false seductive nature that sucks you in time after time


Davina March 2018

“Hi Cathy, I just thought I would give u an update on how I was doing as I am sure u would appreciate the feedback. It’s now been 7 days since I was sitting in your rooms under going hypnosis to quit smoking.

The change has been phenomenal. I just cant believe I haven’t had the cravings or addictions like I have had with other methods of quitting. The desire for a cigarette is still there but its easy to overcome this and say I don’t need it and then the thought is gone.

Well the first week has passed and I am now tell ppl I am a non smoker…yay
I am loving breathing fresh air and I have already noticed some physical changes in quitting. I am using the disc every day and find its a positive re-reinforcement – * will add an additional note on the end about this.
My family have been wonderful and supportive… the only one that isn’t is the dog hahaha

I am sure he doesn’t like the fact I am spending less time outside with him not smoking but he did score a few extra walks in the first couple of days as I had this need to just walk and keep walking off the desire to smoke.

Anyway my family and I thank u so much and here’s to the next month.. that’s my next celebration date :)”

Timothy Matthews 29 July 2017

“I smoked for 28 years and have tried to quit so many times. Was in Cathy Barrow’s room for one hour, and had a smoke before I walked in, that was the last smoke I’ve had.  I’m now at Day 67 smoke free. I highly recommend Cathy, I felt comfortable in her room and she is very professional. You are crazy not to see her. It was the Best thing I ever did”.

Paul and Jonelle Hypnosis in early March 2017

“Thank you Cathy. Jonelle and I couldn’t be happier with your services, hypnosis to give up smoking for life. We both feel like we never smoked. You are not just professional, empathetic and passionate … you really do care about helping people achieve their goals. Our quality of life is so much better as non-smokers …thank you again Cathy”

Jack aged 19 March 2015

Jack remained smoke free until I received a call from him in the middle of Jan 2017 saying he had broken up with his girlfriend and started smoking again. He came back to see me straight away for the free follow up session and is now a permanent non smoker again. The second time around we address what triggered him and get rid of it in the hypnosis and reinforce his motivation and great track record in staying smoke free to again quit for good.

  • Benefits For Quitting Smoking

    Quitting smoking has immediate health benefits and dramatically reduces the risk of smoking-related diseases, whatever the person’s age. Statistics include:

    • Quitting before 30 years of age reduces your risk of lung cancer by 90 per cent, compared to someone who continues to smoke throughout their life.
    • After 15 years of not smoking, your risk of stroke has reduced to close to that of a person who has never smoked.
    • Within two to five years of quitting, there is a large drop in your risk of heart attack and stroke.

How can you afford to smoke at these prices? You’re getting poorer not richer & you’re getting sicker not healthier!

Pack / Day  $$$ Day $$$ Week $$$ Month $$$ Year
 Winfield  20 $27.30 $191 $846 $10,155
 Winfield  30 $38.20 $267 $1,068 $12,816
 Winfield  40 $49.45 $346 $1,384 $16,608
 Holiday   50 $53.65 $375 $1,500 $18,000

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I also offers services treating Management of Anxiety, Weight loss, Improved Sports Performance and many other services. If you want more information about hypnosis fill in this form. Talk soon. Cathy Barrow.

GUARANTEED Permanent Non-Smoker in 60 Minutes
We guarantee the process so that if you should start smoking again you can come back free of charge for life of the Guarantee (conditions apply see Guarantee Page)
We respect your privacy.