The benefits of quiting smoking will become apparent immediatiately after you stop.

  • Quick and easy: The process takes 90 mins  all you have to do is relax and accept the suggestions that are given to you.
  • No Pain: There is no physical intervention that can cause pain.
  • No Major Life Changes: The process ensures that you do not have to make any major life changes to stay a non smoker.
  • No Chemicals: No chemicals are involved so there is no worry about your body reacting and causing health problems.
  • No Patches or Pills: No health problems associated with the using of patches and pills.
  • No Needles: The Quit Smoking process relies on hypnotherapy and NLP so no needles and the pain and fear of needles is involved.
  • Guaranteed: You only pay once. Should you start smoking again all you need to do is phone us and we will put you back onto the path of being a non-smoker breathing fresh air.
  • Less Stress: Nicotine constricts the blood vessels and thus raised the blood pressure and increases stress. After Quit Smoking Hypnosis you will reduce stress levels and find yourself more calm.
  • No more need to worry about the worry of smoking anymore
  • Having clean healthy lungs no more coughing no more wheezing/spluttering breathlessness
  • No more stinking clothes and hands
  • No more embarrassmentt at being a smoker in a public place
  • No more leaving your family and friends to smoke
  • No more having to waste time and money smoking
  • No more smoking in secret so your kids/wife /partner dosen’t know
  • No more of your kids nagging you or looking sadly at you
  • You gain back control over your habits with your mind
  • Your chance to heal your body and get back your fitness
  • Your opportunity to show your loved ones you care enough about them and yourself to quit
  • More lovely money so much more money to spend on whatever you like up to $16,000 pa
  • No more stressing out worrying about whether you will be the one in 4 who ends up getting a smoking related illness
  • The absolute support in session and out of session by Cathy your caring dedicated very experienced Quit Smoking Expert and Life Coach

With the  Quit Smoking Hypnosis session you change your habit of smoking to a habit of breathing fresh air. Nourish your body with fresh air suck on life instead of on a death stick.

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