So we turned the TV on to see the announcement that the cost of cigarettes has gone up by 13.7%. I need a dollar now, well a $1.12 to be more exact.

Cigarette taxes will jump by a hefty 13.7 per cent on Monday, the second of four outsized increases in as many years.

The excise on a pack of 20 will climb from $8.13 to $9.25, an increase of $1.12. The excise on a pack of 40 will climb from $16.26 to $18.51.

If fully passed on, it will push the price of a packet of 40 above $30 and push the price of some packets of 20 above $20. The increase means the price of cigarettes for casual smokers will approach $1 a stick.

“The latest increase breaches significant price points,” Australian Council on Smoking and Health president Mike Daube said.

“It’ll cost $7000 a year to smoke a pack a day. And that is just a pack of 20.

“We estimate that just as a result of this increase, around 800 million fewer cigarettes will be smoked in Australia and around 60,000 smokers will quit.

The proportion of the population smoking slid from 15.1 per cent in 2010 to 12.8 per cent this year.

Now that’s a trend you want to be in on –Yeah ! Read more:

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