Meet Cathy Barrow

                              About Cathy                    Hypnosis to you via Zoom or in Cairns Office
Your Government Accredited  Certificate 1V Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certificate 1V Life Coach, Certificate 1V Trainer & Assessor, Reiki Practictioner, Massuese & Author.
Many roads have led me to hypnosis” I was always fascinated by how we could use our subconscious mind to affect positive change. It was the missing link for me – in how to get that little voice in our heads to work positivly for me instead of against me .I love all things hypnosis. I  love to educate people how hypnosis works which  bascially, via the hypnotic process installsl a new positive program of thier choice in your subconscious mind.   A program that will permanently install that new behavior, thinking they desire. All using the power of suggestion and reinforcement of those suggestions. All done with your permission  and total agreement of the subconscious and conscious mind. With hypnosis you can get over a fear or phobia. You can get over a relationship- leave it in the past. You can reduce anxiety and depression. In fact with hypnosis you can create new empowering beliefs that stick so you can achive those goals- new responses and behaviours. Hypnosis  is a recognized science and an accepted valid therapy by many medical professionals. In fact there are fulltime hypnotherapists at the Monash Hospital in Melbourne who use hypnosis to relieve and get rid of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   I love what I do  and it is a privilege that people trust me to help them with the power of hypnosis. I am constantly thrilled and overjoyed when my clients stop smoking with hypnosis lose weight or get over a fear or phobia. I particularly  love to help clients slay anxiety- the modern scourge of our society. The human mind is so untapped and we still don’t understand how hypnosis really works – perhaps we don’t need to. I have been a practicing hypnotherapist for 7 years now, I started in my early 50’s as a Hypnotherapist. I did not go back to work really until my 40’s and from there never stopped venturing into new territories and learnings. Age is no barrier to achieving success in any area of your life. As long as you have your mental faculites and good health. Hypnosis requires you to be a storyteller and I was always imaginative and good at telling stories. It is a collaborative process between the hypnotist and the client. I am the facilitator and the client is my willing participant. I have now added hypnotic massage to my skillset and practice and am excited to give therapeutic suggestions whilst giving therapeutic massage a very powerful combination of therapies for optimum results. II have much more to learn and will never stop. I am a mother of three daughters and stepmom to a daughter and son and grandmother of three girls. I have been married to Jim for  26 years.  We now  live in Cairns with our youngest daughter and son in law for the time being. My health is my priority as without that I cannot work or enjoy life. My background was a fitness instructor for 25 years and right now I am enjoying 12R Boxing down at Mt Sheridan with Mel and Kurt. I walk other times and enjoy the very occasional glass of wine. Iam really pleased I can offer hypnosis online wherever you are so you do not have to miss out- just because you are physically remote.