Does Price Equal Motivation

Does price equal motivation? I get enquiries from many people who want to Quit Smoking and a small percentage of those will ask “what is the price for the service” first up. Does this reflect their motivation to quit? That they are serious about improving their health?

In some cases the email goes like this” I want to quit smoking and I have just sold my house and want to know whether the price will fit into my budget?”

I ask them to consider what they have spent on cigarettes over the last decade possibly well over $70,000 and more. And what they will continue to spend if they keep going?

I point out to them in order to quit smoking for good their highest motivation to quit must be their health, their desire above anything else to improve the quality of their life whist they are alive.

Once the motivation has been established, how does the consumer make a decision whether to buy a product or a service?

The consumer should assess the value of the service not just the price.They need to carefully examine the service and the skills of the hypnotherapist who is going to perform the service.

What are they offering and do they have a good reputation and the right training? Are they are a member of a reputable hypnotherapy association? What do they say on their website?

What are their testimonials like? Do you believe them?

Do you like what the hypnotherapist is saying to you over the phone? Can you connect with them?

Do they offer a guarantee which gives you the opportunity to come back if you do smoke again and work with you to do everything they can within their skills and power to make sure they can achieve success for you and with you? What is their sincerity rating in the barometer of their mind?

My clients who do book in consistently reiterate that saving money is not the driving factor to quit smoking, because people will always find money for cigarettes. It’s because they are worried about their health the way they are coughing, the fact that they have children and partners who are worried sick about them and the fact they want to enjoy a high quality of life whilst they are alive. The fact that they know they need to grow up now and start taking responsibility for their health before it’s too late.

Sometimes more expensive does not equate to better however when it comes to your health, your body and your life you would expect to go to a professional who knows what they are doing and who charges a fair price for their service, experience,  training and delivers value far in excess of the cost.