Quit Vaping with Hypnosis

Cathy is now helping clients quit vaping with hypnosis. Cost of session including recording and reinforcement session $350

Quit Vaping Now

Clients are saying they are very worried as they do know what is in the vapes. They want to quit vaping with hypnosis. Many vapers are coughing all the time. There are dangers to vaping.  Vaping devices don’t emit harmless water vapor. Instead, they release aerosols. That contain toxic chemicals, some of which have been linked to cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease. Some aerosols from vaping can contain diacetyl, a chemical linked to lung disease, And heavy metals such as tin and lead.

You have to be so careful not to leave them around the house. Toddlers and babies can be badly affected if they take in the smoke.  Its costly and they are worried they will return to smoking if they quit vaping. Many of the vapes have a lot of nicotine in them. Research is now finding that there one vape could be equivalent to 50 cigarettes. So many teens are now vaping at school with or without their parents knowing.

Dangers of Smoking Vapes Around Children

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