Hi Cathy

I just thought I would give u an update on how I was doing as I am sure u would appreciate the feedback.
Its now been 7 days since I was sitting in your rooms under going hypnosis to quit smoking.
The change has been phenomenal.. I just cant believe I haven’t had the cravings or addictions like I have had with other methods of quitting.
The desire for a cigarette is still there but its easy to overcome this and say I don’t need it and then the thought is gone.
Well the first week has passed and I am now tell ppl I am a non smoker…yay
I am loving breathing fresh air and I have already noticed some physical changes in quitting.
I am using the disc every day and find its a positive re-reinforcement – * will add an additional note on the end about this.
My family have been wonderful and supportive… the only one that isn’t is the dog hahaha
I am sure he doesn’t like the fact I am spending less time outside with him not smoking but he did score a few extra walks in the first couple of days as I had this need to just walk and keep walking off the desire to smoke.

Anyway my family and I thank u so much and here’s to the next month.. that’s my next celebration date :)”