Timothy Matthews

“I smoked for 28 years and have tried to quit so many times. Was in Cathy Barrow’s room for one hour, and had a smoke before I walked in, that was the last smoke I’ve had. 
I’m now at Day 67 smoke free.
I highly recommend Cathy, I felt comfortable in her room and she is very professional.
You are crazy not to see her. It was the Best thing I ever did”.

2018 15th May

I moved in with my mum as she had pancreatic cancer and two weeks after that she passed away.
It was expected and I came to terms with that. But now face being evicted from her housing commission house.
Not to mention many other things. I have cravings every now and then, but they only last a few seconds.
I have not once been tempted to have a smoke and I put that down to what you did Cathy.

Feb 2020

Hello Cathy, Just thought I give you a random update I’m up to 2 years 8 months and 30 days smoke free. I have not once had a cigarette since I left your room. Last smoke I had was the one I had before I walk in to see you