About Cathy Barrow

 About Cathy

Cathy Quit SmokingMany roads have led me to hypnosis “I was always fascinated by how we could use our subconscious mind to affect positive change. It was the missing link for me – in how to get that little voice in our heads to work positively for me instead of against me. I love all things hypnosis. I love to educate people how hypnosis works. The conscious mind is the programmer and the subconscious mind the program.  Don’t like the program? Reprogram it with the program you want. This is what happens in the hypnosis session via suggestions with your permission. I started in my early 50’s as a Hypnotherapist. I have been practicing for 9 years now. Hypnosis is a wonderful relaxing experience by which you can make positive permanent changes. I did not go back to work really until my 40’s and from there never stopped venturing into new territories and learnings. Age is no barrier to achieving success in any area of your life. As long as you have your mental faculties and good health. Hypnosis requires you to be a storyteller and I was always imaginative and good at telling stories. It is a collaborative process between the hypnotist and the client. I am the facilitator and the client is my willing participant.  I am a mother of three daughters and stepmom to a daughter and son and grandmother of three girls. I have been married to Jim for 28 years.  We live in beautiful sunny Cairns never cold and never crowded. My health is my priority as without that I cannot work or enjoy life. My background was a fitness instructor for 25 years. I have now qualified again as a Certificate 111 Fitness Instructor and work out in the gym 5 times a week and swim. I enjoy the  occasional glass of wine. The last 2 years of Covid seeing people work from home has made having online therapy very much accepted. Cathy enjoys delivering online hypnosis via Zoom or Facetime.

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