Process Quit Smoking in 60 minutes

A Typical Session

will work like this:
The Process

Step 1
Qualification. .Prior to your session Cathy will email you information on how to prepare for your session and asking you to write down as many reasons as you can. As to your reasons to quits smoking. At your session Cathy your Quit smoking in 60 minutes Expert & Hypnotherapist will establish and confirm that you are 100% committed to quitting smoking for your own benefit. Hypnosis in order to be 100 % successful requires you to be there for you primarily.

Step 2
This is our education step. Cathy will talk and explain through the process to ensure that you understand how we are going to help you stop smoking cigarettes and that you are  very comfortable with the hypnotic  process.

Step 3
The Customisation step. Cathy your Quit smoking in 60 Minutes Expert & Hypnotherapist will ask you a series of questions about what triggers you to light up. All of your triggers will be addressed and eliminated  in the hypnosis session and its very important to not leave any out.

Step 4
Elimination step. Armed with this information you will be placed into a light hypnotic trance so that Cathy your Quit Smoking in 60 minutes expert & Certified Hypnotherapist  can work directly with your subconscious mind. To replace the unwanted habit and anchor in new, healthier behaviors. Neuro-linguistic programming, anchoring, and coaching techniques will be used to ensure when you emerge from your hypnotic trance, you will be a non-smoker for the remainder of your life.

After the session Cathy will go through the Post Hypnosis Tasks Every one of these tasks will reinforce the hypnosis and suggestions you have received in the hypnosis for long lasting success in remaining a permanent quit smoker.

  • Giving you support materials post hypnosis including recording
  • Nutritional & Fitness Advice
  • Breathing Meditation & Mindfulness Technique
  • You go home a non-smoker for life.
  • Free return sessions as per guarantee
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