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Cathy’s Qualifications
  • Certificate IV Government Accredited  Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Professional Member Australian Hypnotherapists Association
  • Diploma of Hypnotherapy
  • Stage Hypnosis
  • Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy – Dedicated  Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes Expert
  • Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy – Authorised Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes Trainer and Educator
  • Certificate IV Workplace Trainer and Assessor
  • Certificate IV  Fitness Instructor
  • Job Ready Coach
  • Certificate IV Government Accredited Life Coach
  • Certificate IV Fitness Instructor
  • Level 1 and 11 Reiki Practitioner
  •  Temple Lomi Lomi Masseuse

Cathy is a Hypnotherapist providing hypnotherapy Cairns. Dedicated Quit Smoking Expert & Life Coach/Reiki Practitioner and now Temple Lomi- Lomi Masseuse  She has been assisting people for over 25 years of all ages attain their fitness goals and for the last 5 years she has been specializing in the mental health of her clients so they can not only have a healthy body, they can have a healthy mind. The fact that hypnosis is achieved by utilizing the client’s sub-conscious with no drugs was what attracted Cathy to wanting to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Sometimes the body and mind is willing but gives up because the mind has become distracted by that little voice in the head – the subconscious mind.

Cathy now helped over 650 clients to quit smoking with hypnosis and offers a solid program with solid backup support with nutritional advice and other support mechanisms to help you stay a permanent non- smoker Cathy’s mission is provide hypnotherapy Cairns to help 1000 people per annum quit – its just crazy to kill yourself before your time. Its just crazy to spend in some cases for a couple I recently helped spent over $30,000 pa just to keep them in cigarettes ! I know how hard it is to quit it took me quite a few goes before I did and that was way back before I knew anything about how powerful hypnosis can be to get you to quit smoking once and for all.

Hypnotherapy Cairns is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. A recent analysis statistically combining the results of more than 600 studies of a total of 72,000 people from America and Europe comparing various methods of quitting clearly demonstrated this. On average, hypnosis was over three times more effective than nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone. (University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking. October 1992. Also New Scientist, October 10, 1992)

Specializing in one-on-one consultations – by either face-to-face or via online live video hypnosis Cathy utilities her four step hypnotherapy Cairns process to enable people to become permanent non-smokers’ When I smoked from 17 to 26 until I had my first two children and then intermittently for 2 years, I knew it was bad for you, but we really did not start to realize how bad; until organisations such as Quitline started to educate us all. Now we know that there are 40 cancers you can get from smoking and that 1 in 3 smokers will get one of them and that smokers if they keep smoking will shorten their lifespan by 14 years. I get mad when I still see actors smoking in recent release films today-why its completely unnecessary, We have been subconsciously primed to smoke especially those of us over 45 with so many movies with the main characters smoking or asking for one before they die. Now it really is an us and them society for smokers and you have the right to do whatever you want to your body or do you? Governments have now stepped in with their tough new anti smoking laws yet still taking the money from smokers with the cost of the cigarettes which is ridiculous now up to $50  a pack. I don’t know how people can afford to smoke with jobs so uncertain and wages staying the same, You know its just a habit you have developed the nicotine will quickly leave your body in a day or two and there are so many other good healthy habits you can put in place like walking fitness doing something that relaxes you breathing fresh air, you just have to put those new habits in place and keep repeating them and you will forget about smoking as you become healthier happier and richer in so many ways,

And if you do start smoking again for any reason, let Cathy know within 7 days of smoking and provided you are completing the post hypnotic tasks make another appointment and go back quickly to see Cathy. Don’t be ashamed or too down on yourself, we may have missed a trigger. I have had two clients return lately, one who told me that they are a recovering alcoholic. He did not reveal this prior to the quit smoking session and drinking is a huge trigger for him – so you must tell me all of your triggers. The other client suffers from panic attacks and again tell me so I can put that into the quit smoking hypnotic process. Another client came back after 8 months after I had contacted him and remained smoke free for the 2 weeks post seeing me. He did not tell me within the 7 days because he was embarrassed. No need to be embarrassed or ashamed smoking is one of the hardest things to give up. You just let me know  within 7 days of smoking and we do a session again no charge  I normally don’t chase clients but its really important to me that together we make sure you to stop smoking. Everyone is different and there are those who will need  another session.The best thing is it does not cost you anything just your time. I care about you and my skills as a hypnotist. This particular client believed he kept smoking because every time he smelt cigarette smoke, it made him feel like a cigarette. We did not cover that trigger in the first session as he did not tell me. So in the hypnosis session I got his subconscious to give him permission to enjoy the smell of the smoke without wanting to smoke. i have not heard from him since which is great.

You receive a post hypnosis recording, band and other support measures like breathing techniques,videos and nutritional advice which all reinforce the suggestions you have heard in the session. Which are all necessary and only help you stay that permanent non smoker who breathes fresh air for the rest of your life. The nutritional advice and fitness advice addresses any concerns about weight and appetite. Cathy will recommend nutritional supplements which help you with your blood sugar levels and cravings and which give you a boost whilst you are going through the process of detoxing physically after the session.

I often get asked do I have to quit the weed as well?  I guess that’s up to you . You have to figure our which one you want to quit. I can do a session where you give up both.

There may be other areas you need help with now that you have Quit smoking and Cathy can help you with hypnosis sessions for weight loss anxiety with a multitute of things. You can check out her other services here at

Cathy is also a Certificate 1V Life Coach who can assist you with finding direction and purpose and confidence in your  life. Check out her program here. Cathys Confidence School