Hypnosis for Quit Vaping

Life is Better Without Vaping

Cathy Is now offering hypnosis  for Quit Vaping. Many people vaping are very unsure and worried about what is in their vape exactly. Newly introduced Queensland laws target illicit tobacco and vapes sold to kids. People using vapes will not get a pass in no-smoking areas. There will be closer scrutiny on tobacco chop shops under new laws proposed for Queensland .Mainly manufactured in China with no regulations in place, thanks to the blanket banning of the products. We dont know what people are inhaling when they vape. And e-cigarettes can contain other chemicals like chemicals found in nail polish remover as well as nicotente .Previous studies into the ingredients of vapes sold in Australian  shops determined that “100%” contained between one and 18 chemicals with “unknown effects on respiratory health.” That 2020 study, funded by the Lung Foundation Australia, indicated that 21% of them contained nicotine and that 65% contained chemicals “likely to be toxic” if vaped repeatedly. A 2022 study on the vaping habits of teenagers determined that, of 700 surveyed, 32% had tried vaping. So many people are vaping who have never even smoked.


Quit Vaping with hypnosis is $350 and includes a recording & reinforcement session

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