Important Question

An important question from a recent client – “Hi Cathy I want to quit smoking HOW DOES HYPNOSIS WORK ? I AM SCEPTICAL”. This was a recent question sent to me via email.

This is my answer..

Hi Sean,
Yes I too was sceptical about hypnosis before I had experienced hypnosis and became a hypnotherapist,  and saw how successful it has been for the majority of my clients.
Ok here goes explanation of how it works. A person wants to quit smoking but there is a part of him- let’s call him the smoker part who keeps smoking for some secondary gain.
What is that? For some its an identity issue they are so identified with being a smoker they can’t see themselves as a non smoker – it scares them.
So secondary gain in this case is the perception of safety and comfort.  For others it’s habitual triggers = routine which is the habit of smoking = reward which is associated with the triggers.

So how do we address this in Hypnosis?

Firstly you have to own the big ‘WHY‘ – why are you wanting to quit – you have to be so over smoking and see yourself as that healthy person in control again. Your desire to change must be very high. Secondly you have to be compliant and willing to participate and trust in the hypnotic process. Think of it as employing the right mindset that yes, you will be a Permanent Non Smoker who breathes fresh air during and after hypnosis. When you are deeply relaxed in hypnosis, the critical mind is switched off and you are more likely to accept the Hypnotist’s suggestions.
We go through all your individual the that initiate you reaching for that cigarette, by using visualisation and amplifying your feelings and desire for health, deleting the triggers and replacing the habit of smoking with a habit of breathing fresh air. You must introduce a new habit to replace the old one otherwise there is a void. We then have you to imagine and feel your new healthy future by amplifying your motivation / desire to quit and by attaching absolute pleasure to the outcome in hypnosis. We are reprogramming your thoughts and beliefs at a subconscious level so they are perfectly aligned with the conscious mind.
I’m sure you have achieved a goal in your life by adopting the right mindset – hypnosis can cement this via the above techniques and repetition of post hypnotic tasks.
You will be given a recording which you must listen to for 30 days to reinforce the suggestions and wear a red wrist band to remind you that you are a non smoker.I think the very powerful thing that appeals to people who are considering hypnosis is the tantalising, “what if it does WORK”? Are you the same person with the same thoughts you were 15 years ago? Of course not. We are capable of changing our thoughts and beliefs and habits if we adopt the right mindset. Hypnosis can rocket you toward that new mind set.

I have seen over 300 smokers now and probably had about 20 have come back and we just do it again addressing any triggers we may have missed first time. For many it is surprisingly easy!
What have you got to lose?
Best Regards,
Cathy, your committed Hypnotherapist