First being honest, I could easily have kept smoking for the rest of my life except for the fact that I really did not want to lose any more teeth and I knew I was facing not one but maybe 2 extractions because of smoking. secondly, I always felt I needed to give up some time; Thirdly I really resented being led like a bull with a ring through its nose by avaricious state and federal governments that do not have my best interests at heart.  Cathy explained the process, that I would be entirely conscious, that everything said would be supporting and reinforcing my decision to stop, that nothing that went against my true desire….to stop…. smoking would be said. This enabled me to relax into the process. She was able to disconnect all the triggers that drive us to smoke…. all those feeling trigger no longer being funneled into tobacco. I returned home without even a feeling reaching for a smoke.  Over the next little while I might finish a meal and think of having a smoke without any of the energy that goes with the thought. The feeling, then the body chemistry changing preparing for that cigarette was completely absent, so I was left with a thought that had nowhere to go.   I would be surprised that the thought would even arise given it was not accompanied by a feeling…. past patterning, and so was easy to dismiss.  I knew that after 3 days of not smoking all nicotine had left my body and now it was the mental habit, I was dealing with not the physical habit. I even got stressed and reached a deeper felt realisation within, that smoking had covered a lot of anxiety in my life before. Now it was ok to look at this, acknowledge without trying to change anything. I had no physical withdrawal symptoms; I coughed once for 10 minutes. It has been 6 weeks since that decisive day.  I have listened religiously to Cathy’s recording, and feel like I have a safety net should I need it that I didn’t have when I went cold turkey.   I now walk swim more cannot believe how much more money I have to spend. I have re-engaged with life.

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