Tips to quit smoking

Tips to quit smoking or how to let go of the smoker part of you for good.  75% of my quit smoking clients express the same fear. “Who will I be if I am not a smoker”? Some of them smoking 30 -40 years. When my clients say this, they do not yet recognize that there is a smoker part of them. They feel very strongly that the smoking has somehow controlled them all their lives.

Because their whole day, their life is organized around that next cigarette. Where, when to smoke, the stress of making sure they have enough for the day. The stress of having to do forward planning. So, they know in advance where they can smoke. Of course, they are many things besides a smoker. We all have parts of us. For example, the dad, the husband the electrician – the footy player, drinker, the smoker and so on all integrated into the one person. How do we diminish the importance, the dominance of the smoker part? By separating these parts out, you can diminish their importance and their dominance of the person.

We then utilize the parts of the person that wants to be super healthy.  That healthy part that wants to give themselves the best chance of longevity, a high quality of life. The responsible part, that recognizes the value of money and wants to do something more useful with it. The responsible part, the adult that wants to be a role model for his kids.  With the client’s permission we utilize these parts so they completely dominate that weak smoker part. So that smoker part simply fades away.

This process happens during the hypnosis. The client can now let go of that smoker part for ever. No need for that smoker part anymore and no purpose for that part in that non- smoker’s life

Tips to quit smoking

Hypnosis can help you quit smoking in just 60 minutes. Cathy Barrow, a Government Accredited Hypnotherapist, has helped over 700 people quit smoking in just 60 minutes. Cathy has a four-step method to quit smoking in just 60 minutes. This method has a 95% success rate. You get a guarantee. Follow up sessions are available if necessary. Forever, kick your toxic friends to the curb. Instead, reconnect with your true friends. Your bank account, your family and your health.

Covid-19 & smoking – “The odds that a Covid-19 case would result in death were 14 times greater among those who had a smoking history than those who didn’t” Click here to see details about the potential effects of COVD-19 for smokers

There is only one body and one life.

This parasite is no longer a friend. You have the power to take back control of your own health.

With willpower and our tips to quit smoking, I quit smoking cigarettes 30 years ago. It was much more difficult. It is now easier with Hypnosis. You can reprogramme your mind to ” Be a permanent non-smoker who gets fresh air throughout your entire life.

To Quit Smoking in Cairns, it takes only 60 minutes! You are covered by our Guarantee The Proven System for Quitting Smoking Hypnosis Process combines the Power of Hypnosis with NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and Life Coaching techniques to ensure 100% success. This will help you reach your goal of becoming an PERMANENT NONSMOKER. You can quit smoking in 60 minutes.

 A smokers whole day often revolves around the next cigarette. The stress of having enough to last the day, where and when to smoke. The stress of planning ahead. They know where they can smoke in advance. They are more than just a smoker. Each of us has a part of ourselves. You can be the father, the husband, the electrician, or the footy player, the drinker, and the smoker all in one person. How can we reduce the dominance and importance of the smoker? You can use Cathy’s Tips to quit smoking to reduce the importance and dominance of smoking.