Hypnosis for anxiety and depression

Hypnosis for anxiety and depression can assist in quitting smoking.

What some people believe

Anxiety and smoking appear to go hand in hand for many smokers. The perception is that the smoking relieves their anxiety, that it’s their go-to strategy when they are feeling the anxiety. This makes the thought of quitting scary. The perception is that the smoking relieves their anxiety, that it’s their go-to strategy when they are feeling the anxiety. Picture this, you are feeling extremely anxious, your gut is in knots and the stories in your head are banging away incessantly at your brain. You go outside or wherever you are and light up a cigarette hoping for that sweet relief. The first inhalation is good and then you feel sh… as you stress out about smoking and how you hate it and how much those cigarettes are costing you. Feeling guilty that you should be spending the money on your kids your bills. Some of you are coughing and spluttering, your heart rate has gone up 20 beats, the blood flow to your body has become restricted, sluggish and your lungs are fighting to breathe through the 7,000 toxins you are inhaling into your body with every cigarette. Consider contacting Cathy on  0424 867 361 hypnosis for anxiety and depression to assist you in quitting smoking.

Feeling Better

Now imagine the following you have another way to deal with anxiety and smoking i.e. . You feel the old familiar demon of anxiety and this time you know what to do. You know you simply have to breathe deeply you have learned a breathing routine that gets you out of your head into your body. As you feel your heart rate and pulse slowing you relax even more. Your body becomes looser and limper as you focus on that steady slow rhythmical breathing that slows you down slows those thoughts down. You feel better and calmer after a few minutes. Feeling in control you feel so happy, that you are not coughing your guts out. Not feeling guilty over smoking and the money you are spending. You feel great because you are not smoking any more. You have so much energy and you look younger. Your kids and your partner are over the moon. Because you have stopped smoking. I teach all of my quit smoking clients this breathing technique whether they need hypnosis for anxiety and depression or not. This breathing fresh air is their new go-to habit instead of smoking. This new breathing routine really reinforces the suggestion you hear in the hypnosis session” I am now a permanent non-smoker who breathes fresh air for the rest of my Life” I don’t just send you away after a session with no backup strategies. This breathing routine simply works along with your motivation to quit and desire for a long healthy and wealthy life.