Rinse and Repeat – Quit Smoking

I am getting a lot of clients booking in for Quit Smoking. Sometimes rarely, a client will smoke again after seeing me, especially if they are triggered by a traumatic event or something that we missed in the hypnosis. My deal is that you come back and see me and we do it again as long as you tell me within 7 days of smoking with no charge.

And I have had a few clients return and we have gone over what is still keeping them smoking. For example one client I had rang me after a week to say he was desperate for a cigarette -but had resisted having one. We met for a second session and after some searching for what was causing him to want to keep smoking, we discovered that smoking was one of the ways he felt naughty! So we talked about other ways he could be naughty and then did the session again and he left happy and as a non-smoker.

I urge people to go back to their hypnotherapist if they have started again and repeat the process. Some people feel like they are going to fail again if they come back. There is always a reason why they still crave a cigarette and once we get that reason then we can put it into the hypnosis and eliminate it and the accompanying trigger/emotion. Look at it like this, which of us have not experienced failure the first time we did something important? I remember way back in the 80’s when I sat my theory exam to be an Aerobics Instructor I failed and I was gutted. However I did some extra study, saw where I had stuffed up and resat it and passed. Fast forward to 2013 and I failed a presentation I had to do and again I felt like the worst failure. So again I saw where I had gone wrong and went back and redid it and I was good to go. So please go back and see your hypnotherapist if you do smoke again after hypnosis. As a professional hypnotherapist I absolutely want you to be successful and I am here to help you. Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things to do in life and most people try 7 times before they are successful.

It is gratifying that Quit Victoria recognise that Hypnosis is a recognised therapy for Quit Smoking and that some health insurers will provide a rebate. A final word – I really don’t know how people can afford it but somehow they will always find money for cigarettes.