A case of hypnosis interruptus

A few weeks ago I received a call from a fellow wanting to Quit Smoking and wanting to know if I could come up his way. I don’t do a lot of home visits however I said yes and then received another text from him asking if I could do the Quit Smoking hypnosis for his mate as well. I used my tom tom to find my way there and I did not have much petrol. My low fuel light came on around 10 kms from his house and I berated myself again for being too lazy to fill it up.
Just as I am a couple of streets away the tom tom decides to stop working and I have 5 minutes to get there. It always takes longer than you think especially when you are not used to navigating your way through the western suburbs. So I rang my client and he good naturedly directed me there whilst I was on the phone.
The first thing I did when he showed me into the house was step off the hallway floor which had a drop of around 10 inches onto the lounge room floor and nearly onto his mate who was sitting on the sofa. My host helped me right myself and asked if his mate could go first.
Sure I said and my host disappeared to obligingly get me a glass of water and a light so I could see what I was doing and so the client could be in the semi darkness
So I begin the session chatting and doing all the preliminary questions and then we started with the relaxation which goes something like this “And as you are relaxing down into deep relaxation and hypnosis, the eyes closed feeling so sleepy and drowsy ‘ A cat appears and started meowing.
Without a moment’s hesitation I picked it up and said and “whilst you are relaxing into a deep hypnotic trance I will just get rid of the cat” which I summarily threw in with mine host who was in the bedroom waiting patiently. Three quarters into the session at a very important point I hear a loud buzzing and it’s my client’s mobile phone so I quickly sat on it and just kept on doing my thing.
On with the session and everything went swimmingly with my first client leaving as a permanent non smoker and then it was time for mine host to have his Quit Smoking Session. We were just about to get into the relaxation, when there was a loud knock on the door – I had put the signup do not disturb but the outside light was not on and they could not see it.
The knocker was sent away nicely the sign adjusted and the outside light on, I took deep breaths with my client and on with the show. Forty five minutes later and another very happy permanent non smoker.
The learning here is that not just for us hypnotists, life happens all around us with various interruptions and noise and you just have to work with it.
The wonderful thing about hypnosis is that when you are in a deep trance nothing can penetrate it as you are completely focused on the hypnotist. There is complete laser focus.
Now imagine if you used complete laser focus to achieve a task or goal in your life, how good would that be?