Django and Me How a Dog Calmed my Anxiety

So this big dog wanders into our backyard this morning, panting heavily and obviously lost.
Collared and with a phone number to ring he had wandered off from his new home. Immediately
I got him some water, woke my daughter who is animal mad and gave him some dried cat
food.This beautiful, strong friendly dog gave me the opportunity to practice what I teach my clients.
To Live in the present, to focus, on the now. What else can I do right now except focus on a big
dog called Django who has wandered into our yard? He wants my company and I want
his. He’s so responsive and well behaved. Such a broad,strong snout, such shiny, muscled
flanks. His mournful eyes following you everywhere. His ears listening acutely. We sit here outside on this hot Cairns day under the fans waiting for his owner. And I feel so much less anxious then I did when I woke up. I feel so much less anxious worrying about the fact I could have some more clients this week. So less worried about my husband 65 years old working in the hot sun all day long in his gardening job. So less anxious about the intruders who
broke into our house when we were asleep and stole the keys, our Holden Colorado and our daughters Hyundi on the 8th Feb. So less anxious about whether our cars will be a write off.
Pleased that I am just sitting here companionably with my new friend who is very calm and accepting of his present situation. I’m just getting on with my tasks just plodding on and that
feels comforting. Im grateful I live in a beautiful place with all the 21st century comforts
appliances on hand. Yep life is sweet – when you live in the present

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